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The data revolution has changed the way in which consumers interact with companies and vice versa. There’s no denying the fact that the availability of rich datasets is improving event experiences and marketing campaigns. However, this data is sensitive and businesses need to pay special attention to working towards protecting this data.

What makes data sensitive you wonder? It’s Exploitability Quotient! Allow us to explain.

Attendees will be enticed to attend an event which, in some way, adds value to their personal/professional life. Event organisers will seek to get potential attendees to register/participate in the event by sharing certain personal data – like, gender, age, phone number and a few more personal details in certain specific cases.

It only then follows that a high number of registrations will result in huge amount of data being collected. This data gives one insight into the demographics of the attendees and this collectively can be used to target them with marketing ads or similar commercial exercises. To ensure that the data doesn’t get into the wrong hands, event organisers must properly manage and secure this data. Failing to do so would mean risking the reputation of the brand and of the event agency.

How then can an event agency work towards securing data? Here’s a couple of pointers below:

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1) Opt-in Process:
When you’re in a position that requires you to collect information from your attendees, make sure they’re sharing their data with consent. Give them the opt-in / opt-out option. This basically means that if they’re not comfortable with sharing this data, they can choose not to. Attendees need to be aware of all the bells and whistles involved with the data sharing. Thus, keeping a transparent relation between you, the event organizer and the attendee is wise and necessary!

2) Language:
It’s easy for one to get lost in jargons and legal rhetorics. In order to avoid confusion, make sure the language used is easy, simple and understandable to an average person. This will be appreciated by your attendees and will keep things simple and confusion-free.

3) Summary:
An email with a detailed summary regarding the data and privacy policies explained in layman terms would be deeply appreciated by your attendees. Thoroughly explaining the details of the policy will help build trust between the organisers and the attendees.

4) Physical Security:
It’s always a good move to have some security personnel at your event. They can provide a sense of protection to your attendees as well as they can make sure your event is unaffected by any distress.

5) Opt for your own App bodyguard – Hobnob:
Hobnob is an event manager’s dream! Addressing every data security concern, Hobnob creates a secure platform for attendees to share their data with complete confidence. Hobnob is ISO 27001:2013 certified, meaning it can provide you with the highest standards of information security. Its SSL compliant platform makes information exchange secure. Database managers make sure your data isn’t being accessed by any user without proper authority. Hobnob creates a protective atmosphere, giving top priority to the security of the available information.

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