The Event Technology Lifecycle

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Every event strategy, like any marketing campaign, is cyclical. Every event is based on a system of – build, measure, learn and build again. As an event manager, your ultimate aim should be to enhance and upscale your next event based on the learnings from your previous event.

Technology is a great to tool that’s available to help you drive success in every stage of an event’s cycle. We strongly believe that success is imminent if you can make optimum use of technological resources.

Here are a few actionables, if incorporated in the event’s lifecycle at relevant stages that can ensure that the event is a sureshot success:

1) Pre – Event:
Before the day of your event, here’s what you need to do

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(i) Promotion via Email – Email marketing has been the most successful channel for promoting events. Executing a perfect marketing campaign requires equal parts of data and design. Find the essential ingredients to create the best possible emailers for your contacts.

(ii) Promotion via Social Media – Promotion via this medium will let millennials in on what you’re doing. Since social media is famous amongst youngsters, it would be a great idea to promote your event via a hashtag or contest to attract them.

(iii) Teasers – Create an event app which can grant exclusive access to the event’s insights – like a teaser. Creating enough suspense will make the audience download the event app out of curiosity!

2) During the Event:
Here’s a list of technologies which can help manage an event with ease.

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(i) Smooth Check-In – Gone are the days when people were required to stand in a queue to check-in. Now you have QR codes to scan and facilitate a smooth entry into an event. Multiple kiosks or printable badges can also help in creating a hassle-free entry experience.

(ii) Registration Tracking – Apps like Hobnob let you keep an eye on your event’s registrations. With the ability to access DB at your will (with authoritative access), you can track, record and analyze your event seamlessly.

(iii) Networking and Engagement – Hobnob facilitates seamless user engagement in polls, chatting with a fellow attendee, through features like access to event’s agenda, learning about the speakers, receiving real-time notifications regarding the event etc. This helps in creating buzz about the event amongst attendees.

3) After the Event:
This is the time to drive action and optimize your strategy.

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(i) Attendee Follow-Up – An acknowledgement of their presence at the event via an email can go a long way. A detailed summary regarding the event can help those who could not make it. Such follow-up emails create a strong bond with the attendees.

(ii) Measuring ROI – Access your event’s DB to learn about your event’s ROI. A variety of measurement tools can give you insights about your event. You can measure revenue, registrations, the popularity of sessions, the exposure of sponsors and more — all through easy to read reports and visualizations.

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